Annual Report

The Living AIDS Memorial Garden, Inc.
Post Office Box 11704
Charleston, WV 25339


January 2013

Dear Friend of the Garden:

This is the Garden’s annual report to the membership regarding some of the activities that took place this year. The Treasurer’s Report for 2012,prepared by J.Timothy Whitener,a certified public accountant,is available upon request. You may also view the report on the Garden’s website:

The Garden, located at the corner of Washington Street East and Sidney Avenue in the East End of Charleston, is a unique volunteer project that has been a cooperative effort by our organization, the State, the City of Charleston, and the East End community.The Garden is not only an important East End beautification project, it is a very visible AIDS awareness project.

This year the City removed 3 large viburnums for us because they had died.  We want to thank Harley Goodwin and his crew for doing this for us.

Due to unexpected expenditures and a drop in donations, this year we were only able to add $2,000.00 to the Living AIDS Memorial Garden Fund with the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation.We anticipate that this fund will require at least $100,000.00 to generate sufficient interest to maintain the Garden now and in the future.Donations to our Fund may be made directly to the Foundation or through the Garden.

While we now have the funding to pay for some of the maintenance services the Garden requires, we rely on the members of the Design and Maintenance Committee to maintain the Garden through the Spring and Fall clean ups.Chair of the Committee and some of the members who have helped this year are:Carl MaxwellLeslie and Geert Bakker, Tim Forren, Tom Vasale, Paul Milam, Rodney Harvey, Andy Maxwell, Jerry Comer, Ronnie Lawson, Bob Rosier, Mike Klausing, Amanda Maxwell, Lynne Sandy, Eileen Maroney and Jim Chojnocki.  A special thanks to Geert Bakker who has taken over the care of the Rose Garden.

Several fundraising events have been held this year.In April, the Broadway hosted the 2012 Miss Red Ribbon Pageant, a benefit for the Garden, which was won by Katrina FoxxIona Trailer served as the 2011 Miss Red Ribbon.

Our major fundraiser, the DANCE FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T™, was held in June at the Broadway and was hosted byAnthony Jarrell.The 15th Dance was dedicated to Larry Genrick, who was a long time Board member and Chair of the Fundraising Committee for the past 10 years.passed away unexpectedly in April of 2012. The theme was “Hooray for Hollywood.”  The corporate sponsor of the Dance was Covenant House.  The sponsoring Circle of Friends included Dwight Foley, Marc Weintraub, Tim Forren, Ann Magnuson, Dr. Christine Teague, and the CAMC Ryan White Program. Door prizes were donated by Visions Day Spa, Ivor’s Trunk, Bluegrass Kitchen, Tricky Fish, Long Fork Camp Grounds, Magic Makers, Red Carpet Lounge, Thelma Fay’s Café, Fruth Pharmacy, Little India, Aladdin Restaurant, Moxxee Coffee, Pies and Pints, Salon Icon, Charleston Marriott, Kawayan Resto Bar, Little India, Magic Makers, First Watch, Broadway, Soho’s, Sitar of India, First Glass, and Macy’s.  Newton Hendricks entertained us with piano music. DJ Jerry Fletchercoordinated the music for the show.  Tim Forren of Forren Soil and Anthony Jarrell of Salon Incon did an outstanding job turning the Broadway stage into a  Hollywood stage. A special thanks to Anthony Jarrell who donated a plasma TV. Jim Fletcher, David Fleshman and their staff did, as usual, a great job setting up and catering the event.

Also, in June, we participated in the East End Main Street’s Garden Showcase which is a self-guided tour celebrating urban gardening in the historic East End neighborhood.

In October, new officers and a new Board of Directors were elected for the 2012-2013 fiscal year at our annual Membership Meeting. The members elected the following persons to the Board of Directors: Leslie Bakker, Geert Bakker, Jeff Crist, Jim Fletcher, Tim Forren, Rodney Harvey, Ronny Lawson, Paul Milam, Carl Maxwell, Bill Richards, Bob Rosier, Lynne Sandy, Bruce Severino, Robert Sheets, Steven Tompa, and Tim Whitener.

Following the Membership Meeting, the newly formed Board of Directors met to elect new officers.Following the nomination process, the following persons were elected: Bruce Severino, President; Tim Forren, Vice President; Tim Whitener, Treasurer and Bob Rosier, Secretary.

We want to thank Bradley Milam, for his service on the Board.  Bradley has decided to go to medical school and we wish him the best.

On November 3, 2012, Steven Tompa held a fundraiser for the Garden and Rainbow Pride at the Vandalia Grill, as he visited Charleston from his new home in Virginia.  Thank you Steven!

On November 17, 2012, Jeff Crist and his brother, Greg Crist, organized a fundraiser for the Garden. The guys prepared Cajun Chicken Pasta using the recipe from Cagney’s restaurant and was sold out before 4:00 p.m.  Thank you guys!

In December, we observed World AIDS Day with a candlelight observance at the Garden.  We began the observance at theAsbury United Methodist Church. The Rev. Joseph Jarrett opened the observance at the church, and long time Board Member, Bill Richards, presented the 2012 Red Ribbon Award to Ellen Allen, who accepted the award on behalf ofCovenant House. The Charleston Gay Men’s Chorale concluded the observance at the church with Make Them Hear You. We then proceeded to the Garden where Chuck Anziulewicz gave a very moving names reading.  Pastor Shauna Hydeopened with The Memorial Prayer. The Charleston Gay Men’s Chorale concluded the program with Sweet Hour of Prayer. Sponsors included Rainbow Pride of WVthe Garden, and Asbury United Methodist Church.  Food Among the Flowersdonated hot chocolate and apple cider.

The World AIDS Day Committee is chaired by Jeff Crist.  Other members of this year’s Committee were Lynne Sandy,Bruce Severino, Carl MaxwellPaul Milam, Bob Rosier, and Tim Forren.  The Red Ribbon Award was designed by noted stained glass artist, Bob Rosier.

On December 9, 2011, Mike Duda, owner of the Red Carpet Lounge, organized the ninth annual Soup Day! as a fundraiser for the Garden.  This year, 20 different soups, cornbread and deviled eggs were featured for a donation to the Garden’s maintenance fund.   Mike did a great job putting together this unique and very tasty fundraiser.  The soup makers were, Kim Hanna, Marguerite Duda,

Libby Wolford, Joycelyn Kyte, Mark Albu, Keeley Steele, Linda and Dick Kennedy, Lucy, Bill Richards, Mike Skeen, The Marriott, Blue Grass Kitchen, Ray Wolfe,  Newton Hendricks, Joe’s Fish Market, Mike Duda, Alicia Smithson, Cass and Cindy Toon, Jeff Johnson, Jim Fletcher, and Food Among The Flowers. Thank you, Mike!

This year, our annual “Light Up the Garden” event was again generously funded by the Bernice Pickens Parsons Foundation.Nature’s Window, owned by Tim Cook and John Long, installed the holiday lights with much appreciated assistance from Bruce Neal, Dale Harris, Jason and Rodney, Paul Willard, and Ray Hatfield.

This year we will continue to raise money for the fund we established with the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation.Thank you for supporting the Garden, and we hope all of you have a prosperous and happy 2013.

Bruce Severino, President Jeff Crist, Chair, Fundraising Committee


Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets

Modified Cash Basis

Revenues and support:
Membership Dues 1275.00
Dedicated Donations 945.00
Fundraising – Dance for Those Who Can’t 3783.00
Fundraising – Soup Day 1195.00
Fundraising – Benefits 1499.50
Corporation/Foundation Donations 500.00
Individual Donations 3439.89
Net Gain/(Loss) on Endowment Fund 2172.2
Donations to Endowment Fund 3835.00

Total revenues and support

Program services:
Garden Maintenance & Improvements 7958.24
Fund Raiser – Dance For Those Who Can’t 1700.00
Memorial Garden Bricks 814.57
Red Ribbon Award 200.00
Water 1593.78
Supporting services:
Management and general
Total Expenses
Increase/(Decrease) in Net Assets
Net Assets, beginning of year
Net assets, end of period
Composition of Net Assets
Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation Endowment Fund**
Cash in Checking Account
Total Net Assets